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Featured Business: Victoria Funerals

Your Local Featured Melbourne Funeral Company

Welcome to Victoria Funerals - Your Local Funeral Specialists

At Victoria Funerals we provide high quality, professional and compassionate funeral planning services to our clients in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. With over 20 years of experience in the funeral industry, we are renowned throughout the Melbourne area for planning dignified and respectful funerals that reflect the life of the loved ones of our clients.

Our funeral directors aim to guide you through your funeral arrangements to plan your funeral in advance. This means that your funeral plans are locked in and saves your family from arranging your funeral when in a state of shock and mourning. In these difficult situations your family members have to make decisions on your funeral at a time when they can't think clearly and often ask themselves 'what would they have preffered?'. By planning your funeral, you can help alleviate these tough decision from your loved ones.

Services provided by Victoria Funerals:

  • Funeral Planning
  • Prepaid Funerals
  • Burials
  • Cremations
  • Exhumations
  • Repatriations
  • Balloon, Butterfly and Dove Releases
  • Funeral Photography
  • Death Masks/Memorial Castings

Prepaid Funerals

Along with our funeral planning services, we also offer our clients the chance to pre pay for their funeral. By having a prepaid funeral, you lock in the costs of your funeral against inflation and the rising cost of services, as well as relieving the costs from your family and loved ones in the future. Through our prepaid funeral services, you are also able to ensure the ownership of a grave in a cemetery, where availability in the future may be limited.

So whether you are looking to for at funeral planning or prepaid funerals, our professional staff at Victoria Funerals will help you with all of your funeral needs.

For more information on our range of services, please contact our friendly staff at Victoria Funerals today on 0405 912 403.

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Funeral Planning Guide Melbourne

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Funeral Planning Guide Melbourne

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